“EUROKEY” The universal key for the seated people

“EUROKEY” The universal key for the seated people

How many times in an Autogrill we “rolled around” towards the disabled bathroom to find the door closed with the words “REQUEST KEY TO THE CASH”.

Why don’t we take things from others from time to time to invent new things?



EUROKEY is a dedicated key and used only by people with disabilities to open and close doors and for managing transport systems, such as lifts and stair lifts, equipped with a EUROKEY universal cylinder lock.

EUROKEY is a system designed and built in the second half of the 1980s by the DOM company in Cologne to overcome a need that arose in the German-speaking and Scandinavian countries.

In these regions, for various reasons, there were specific systems reserved for disabled people systematically closed and with scarce availability of the key in case of need.

Given the practicality of the system and its rapid spread, towards the end of the 1990s the EUROKEY concept was also extended to other European countries including Switzerland.

Why we should all use the EUROKEY universal cylinder?

Because it involves some advantages both for the user and for the manager: with this system, a person on a wheelchair can directly access the structures reserved for him without wasting time and without having to involve or contact any responsible.

The advantages for the owners and administrators in adopting this solution are essentially two: the first concerns the minor maintenance, control and cleaning of the WC installations, while the second relates to the administrative management of the keys, which usually manifests its weak side at the time of need.

Availability and cost for the user

The EUROKEY, for example in Switzerland, is delivered directly to the applicant and its order can be made at the Ticino handicap inclusion offices.

You should withdrawn it personally; the cost of the key amounts to CHF 25.-, approximately € 20.00.


Free and clean bathrooms, owning the key for the stairlift / lift without having to turn like a top, now it’s possible without inventing anything.

Mr. Benetton, would you like to be the first one?!

Adopt EUROKEY in your Autogrills, it would be a great EURO-action!


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