Finally the disability in the animated cartoons for children

Finally the disability in the animated cartoons for children

Today my daughter told me that she was looking at a cartoon with “a person like me” …

Therefore I did not immediately understand what she meant, then she showed me.

“Paprika” is a French animated cartoon that is from March 2018 on Frisbee, a digital TV channel.

The protagonists are Olivia and Stan, two twins who share almost everything and, even if they are very different, they are balanced to perfection.

Olivia is intelligent and creative, and her twin brother, Stan, is a brave kid, a pest who moves on a wheelchair of the latest generation, that he trusts blindly and with whom he can do anything.

“Paprika” is a cartoon between adventure and comedy, which with its captivating 3D animation teaches that not everyone is equal and that often, what might seem a disadvantage, can be transformed into a strength.

Does this mean that the times are ripe?!

For years, I have continued to repeat that true integration, or “inclusion” as people say today, must pass from the abandonment of the old scheme that  associates disability with illness only.

It seems so obvious to me, almost trivial, and I do not understand why it took so many years to get there, that if a child grows up including the different in his daily life there will be no great need to explain then what diversity is.

For this reason, already in 2014 we had created two comics precisely because we had realized this gap in the “vertical world”: Step Jack and Rolling Sandy  and Angor ********** link **********.

I hope for the future to see more and more people with disabilities on TV and not only on TV to explain what happened, how they are experiencing disability or asking for help, but simply because they are called Paolo, Giovanna, Carlo and are there to play a quiz, sing or act.

Because being disabled does not mean being sick.

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