“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

There is no growth that has not been built through mistakes, defeats and disappointments.

I think that Europeans are used to giving failure a negative connotation, to blame and to hide. I say Europeans, because the attitude of Americans towards bankruptcy is decidedly less demonizing.

I personally experienced failure: it meant for me to test my dreams and realize that I can be stronger than adversity.

The company GENNY MOBILITY SA, founded by me in 2011, went bankrupt in 2017, sweeping away everything I had designed and dreamed of.

COMPANIES for me are made of PRODUCTS, PROJECTS, PEOPLE and we can fail for many reasons, but generally the failure is always linked to at least one of these 3 fundamental elements.

Surely Genny has not failed for the product, more than 2000 satisfied customers, or for the projects, seen and considered that we have invented the segment imitated today all over the world. Genny went down for people.

A lot of money is needed for the projects and in 2013 an investment fund entered in Genny Mobility SA and acquired 33% of the company. From the beginning I realized that we had different goals: my goal was to create a new, more technological Genny at a more accessible cost; their intent was to multiply the investment in the shortest possible time. Two absolutely understandable, but completely incompatible visions that led, as often happens, to a break down. “Wins who has the most money” and, of course, they won. They took the majority of the company and I was fired from my company.

A Manager was hired to be the new Chief Executive to reorganize the company, increase profits and reduce costs. Unfortunately for them they failed to realize their plans and in June 2017 they declared corporate bankruptcy.

I abstain from personal comments also considering the threats of lawsuit that have already been addressed to me, but above all because the past has passed.

Today I continue to pursue my dreams even at the cost of other losses, because I believe that the goal is important for me and for all the people who believe and believed in Genny.

Accepting failure requires great humility, but above all it means getting in touch with one’s own limits and being aware that victory requires dedication, perseverance, courage, clarity of purpose and determination.

On average a child falls two thousand times before learning to walk, today Genny gets back in a new company, Genny Factory SA, active from June the 1st 2018, and knows how to walk thanks to the two groups that took to the field: Wullschleger Group SA and Movi Spa. The first founded in 1900 and the second in 1912; together they make more than 200 years of history in the industrial field and in the medical field that today support the Genny project.


Paolo Badano

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