Dear disability

Dear disability


Dear disability
I have been thinking of writing you for a long time, but I have never found or wanted to find the occasion to do so.
I have known you for so long that my memories before you have faded, but I think you should know I have always hated you.
Yes, hated like I have never hated before.
I have detested you because you have stolen all things which were important to me.
You have introduced me to fear, gloom and pain.
For a long time I searched “the one to blame”, who brought you to me.
I did everything I could to hide you, to get away from you. As you know…you can be cruel, you have no pity on those who despise you.
However, twenty years have passed since the day we met each other. Today I know you well.
Today I can tell you that you are not just darkness.
Thanks to you I understand that our time is the most precious thing we have.
You always remind me to value money, because you would never leave…. even if I had a mountain of money to give you.
You often remind me of the fact that you have been good to me, that I have to look out for those who have it worse than me but also for those who have it better than me.
But don’t be deceived, between us there will never be love!
I will do everything I can and more to leave you.
I know, now you are laughing because you know that we will probably be together for always .
whichever way,
I just wanted to tell you that I like the man who you have raised me to be.


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